A training program and more

Sailing clinics for experienced and beginners sailors. Flexible multi-day programs adapted to the needs of each group. Exclusive sailing conditions and facilities. Many hours of open sea sailing followed by theoretical debriefings. Memorable socializing moments. Lodging included.

About us

The Finn Masters champion, Filipe Silva established the Finn Sailing Academy in his hometown Vilamoura, which offers fantastic sailing conditions and where one of the world’s best Marinas is located. The set of Finn boats best fitted for competition can satisfy 6 sailors at the same time. Sailors’ lodging place located at just 10 minutes by bike from the Marina.

Finn sailing day in Villamoura

Our programs

We offer 7-, 5- or 3-day long programs where participants can improve their skills and enjoy their passion for sailing. Very intense days combining many hours at sea, where Finn class regatta situations are simulated, followed by theoretical analysis, including regatta tactics, with debriefings on what was experienced at sea.

We also include fitness training sessions adapted to the needs of each sailor. The Finn sailing clinics run from October to May.
Our Finn boats are also available for charters, for those willing to participate in selected Finn sailing competitions in Europe and around the world.


Exciting environment for Finn sailing

World top sailing conditions, the Mediterranean climate strongly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean offers prevailing winds from the northeast with speeds of 7 to 14 knots and waves of half to one meter in average.

The yearly average daily temperature is 22ºC, with over 300 days of sun and 10 hours of sunlight per day in the wintertime.